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Cancelled flight, undelivered goods, faulty products… If you live in France and you encounter an issue with a trader based in another country of the European Union, Iceland or Norway and you are unable to reach an amicable solution, get in touch with the European Consumer Center (ECC) of your country of residence. There you will receive free of charge specialist advice and assistance.

If you live in France and are struggling to find a solution with a trader established in another EU Member State, Iceland or Norway, contact us at the European Consumer Centre France.

Inform the company beforehand

A mere misunderstanding might cause a dispute. That is why it is essential to contact the trader first in order to try to solve the issue. Make at least one written attempt and keep a copy of your correspondence. If you receive a negative answer or no answer at all, ECC France can provide information and, if needed, support you in the process of finding an amicable settlement.

The European Consumer Centre France processes your case online and free of charge.

After a first admissibility test, we transfer your case to the ECC in the trader’s country. Our European colleagues either directly contact the trader or suggest calling upon the expertise of a mediation or conciliation body notified with the European Commission.

ECC France will remain your contact during the whole processing of your case. It keeps you informed of all replies received by its European colleagues from the trader. Unfortunately not every case can be solved in an amicable settlement. In this case, ECC France will inform you on possible other means of redress.