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Your rights when buying online

Clothing, concert tickets, jewellery, household appliances or electronics ... Buy in a few clicks, 24 hours a day, and be delivered directly to your home: on the Internet, it's possible!

But what to do if your order is not delivered, arrives damages or you don not like it? 14-day to withdraw in the European Union, recourse in case of non-delivery...  In this section you will find useful information and practical advice on how to buy safely on the Internet.

Responsible online shopping

Our advice on how to spot eco-responsible products on the Internet, limit the impact of their delivery, avoid order returns, repair and recycle your products and thus become eco-responsible e-consumers.

Buying second-hand on the Internet

Whether for economic or ecological reasons, more and more consumers are turning to second-hand products. Be careful ! You do not have the same rights when buying from a private seller.

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Online Reviews

If more and more people consult online reviews before ordering or booking, how can they be trusted?

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How to check the trustworthiness of a website?

You should always know from whom you are buying online. Follow our tips to verify the trustworthiness of your online seller and to avoid falling for traps on the internet.

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While you buy on the Internet, you must be informed of the delivery date of your order. But what to do if your order is not delivered, arrives damges or you do not like it?

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14 days to withdraw

You have purchased goods and services on the website of a seller based in a European country? If you are not happy with your order, you can change it within 14 days: what is called the right of withdrawal.

Guarantees and warranties

For any purchase in store or on the Internet from a professional seller, you benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity of at least two years which allows you to ask the seller to repair or exchange the good.

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How some websites deceive or manipulate you

Many websites, applications, social networks or search engines use graphic elements or technical processes to influence your behavior and encourage you to click, buy, subscribe or provide personal data. How to spot these manipulative techniques? How…

Purchase and proof of identity

Your Italian online seller asks you for a copy of your ID card to validate your order? Some sellers are just trying to avoid identity theft or payment fraud. Others, however, use your information to assess your creditworthiness, better target you…

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Buying from an online marketplace

More and more online businesses are hosting independent sellers from different countries on their websites, earning a commission with each sale. They become an “online marketplace”. What are the possible consequences for your purchase? What to look…

Purchases and VAT

When you buy a product in Europe, you pay value added tax (VAT). But at what rate? Are the rules the same for purchases outside the EU?


Dogs, cats... If you are thinking of buying a pet online, be careful! France regulates this practice and you will not necessarily be protected if the animal gets sick.

E-commerce and Dropshipping

"Dropshipping" is the online sale of products of which they have no stock, which will be sent directly by the manufacturer to the consumer. Although this practice is legal in France, it often holds unpleasant surprises.


If influencers promote products on social networks, they do not always inform consumers. Is this legal? What are their obligations and responsibilities in France and in other European countries?

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Spare parts and repairs

How to encourage repair rather than exchange of defective products? This article presents the European provisions as well as the measures taken in France and in other EU countries.

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Internet fraud and scams

Online fraud: beware of cheap ads, missed calls, and emails asking for your bank details!

Data protection on the Internet: advice on how to better protect your personal data on the Internet from hacking or misuse of your online data.

Protection of your personal data

Online purchases, subscriptions to loyalty cards, responding to a sales offer or a survey… Are you sure that your data is always protected? All the information on the GDPR and the protection of your personal data in Europe in our FAQ.

End of geoblocking

You wanted to make a purchase on a Danish website but it is “reserved for Scandinavians”? The European Union showed its intent on putting a stop to all unjustified geo-blocking, which entered into force on December 3, 2018.

DNA Testing on the Internet

Have you ordered an online DNA test for a relative to find out about his genetic heritage? Such tests are not legal in France. Beware of the risks if you buy them.

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Buying tickets

Every organiser of a large-scale sporting event (Olympic Games, World Cup, European Championship) designates one or several official ticket vendors. Beware of unauthorised sites that resell tickets, often for much higher prices than usual.

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Euro numérique

La Banque Centrale Européenne prépare un projet d’euro numérique. Comment fonctionnerait le paiement en euros numériques ? Quels sont les enjeux d'une monnaie numérique commune à toute la zone euro ?

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Cash payment limitations

Many consumers use cash. However there are limitations on cash payments within the EU and entering or leaving a country with cash may be subject to customs declarations. Check before you travel!

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