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The brochures published by the European Consumer Centre France inform you about your rights in Europe. They are packed with practical advice to help you avoid many disputes.

Sustainable Online Shopping in Europe

This guide provides tips on how to find eco-friendly products online, limit the impact of their delivery, avoid order returns, and how to repair and recycle your products in order to support the environment

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Car rental in Europe

Se déplacer librement pendant les vacances en Europe grâce à un véhicule de location : c‘est une bonne idée ! Mais quelques conseils pratiques sont utiles pour louer en toute tranquilité.

A man is repairing a car, with the hood open, on the side of a country road.

Car accident in Europe: How to react?

A car accident is never a situation, which is easy to manage and letalone when it occurs abroad. This guideline will help you through the necessary steps in case of an accident in another EU Member state.

View of the wing of an airplane in full flight with clouds in the background.

Air passenger rights: Travel smart!

Finally on holiday? Do you regularly travel by plane?
Here is some information and practical advice to help you travel with peace of mind.

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Package travel across the EU: a quick guide

Thanks to the European Union you do have rights if you have booked a package holiday. We will explain which rights you have and how to enforce them.

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Safer Streaming: Threats from illegal VoD services

Threats from illegal video on demand services & what you can do about it

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