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Your rights during air travel

Has your flight been delayed or cancelled? Your checked baggage has been damaged or lost? Thanks to the European Union, you have rights as an air passenger if your journey goes wrong.

The European Consumer Centre France explains how to assert your rights with an airline company, what to look out for when booking air travel, the rules for transporting luggage and how to react if the airline goes bankrupt.

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Advice for booking a flight

Hidden charges, taxes, unwanted insurance: several fare supplements can increase the ticket price purchased with an airline, an agency, or a reservation platform. Follow our advice to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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Air passenger rights

Flight delay or cancellation, overbooking, strike or bad weather conditions: you are entitled to reimbursement of your tickets or even compensation.

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Flight calculator

Check your flight rights with our flight calculator | ECC France

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Airplane luggage

The transport of your luggage by plane is subject to restrictions. What to put in your check-in luggage? What to keep on board? What are the air passengers’ rights in case of loss, delay or damage to luggage?

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Airlines: complaint forms

In the event of flight cancellation or baggage delay, airlines call upon their customers for contacting them through their online form. Here you will find direct links to most of the airlines' online forms.

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Airline bankruptcy

Many airlines have gone bankrupt in recent years. How to react? How can air passengers get a refund of their tickets?

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CO2 Emissions

On your next holiday in Europe you have to fly. Conscious of your mode of transport’s carbon footprint, you want to know how to make up for the emissions of your flight? All the useful information in this article.

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