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Buying, renting, accident, driving: everything about the vehicle

If renting a car on holiday can be convenient for getting around, it's best to adopt the right reflexes to avoid unpleasant surprises: check the services included, such as insurance, read the rental contract carefully, find out about the credit card required...

If you find the car of your dreams in another EU country, before buying it, check the seriousness of the seller, find out about the number plates needed to bring the vehicle back to France and don't leave without the documents needed for its final registration.

In this section you will also find practical information on winter tires, traffic violences and driving rules in France.

A person's hand holds out car keys.

Car rental

Information about renting a car in Europe: Online reservation, rental contract, handover protocol, accident, fines etc.

Woman driving a car

Car purchase abroad

We explain how to avoid problems when buying a car in another EU country and what you need to know about vehicle registration and transfer.

View through the window of a vehicle driving at high speed.

Traffic violations and fines in France

We describe in which cases traffic fines committed in France can also be prosecuted abroad. This includes driving too fast or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A car driving through a forest on a snowy road

Winter tires in Europe

If you are crossing the border on a daily basis or planning a trip to Europe during the winter, it is not always easy to know whether winter tires are mandatory in the country you are visiting. More information in this article.

A man is repairing a car, with the hood open, on the side of a country road.

Car accident in Europe

Here are some practical tips that will make it easier for you in the event of a car accident in another EU country.

a car driving on the highway.

Driving in France

We give you information about traffic and safety rules in France, such as speed limits and controls or the rescue lane on French motorways.

In the foreground, one person is riding a scooter, and another person in the background is riding a bicycle.

Electric scooters in France

Free-floating electric scooters have become a very popular means of transportation in the French capital and 15 providers are currently offering their services. However, the town hall has also received many complaints for nuisance

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