Electric scooters in France

Free-floating electric scooters have become a very popular means of transportation in the French capital and 15 providers are currently offering their services. However, the town hall has also received many complaints for nuisance (rogue parking, dangerous driving causing even very serious accidents).

Rules in Paris

On June 6th 2019, the mayor of Paris has announced that speed limits will be imposed: 20km/h in most areas and 8km/h in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. Parking will be authorized only in designated spaces. Also the number of operators will be reduced to three and the number of available scooters reduced.

Currently Paris already imposes a fine of 135 € for riding on the sidewalk and 35 € for blocking the sidewalk while parked. The agents of the DSPP of Paris have been sworn in to fight against speeding offences.

Using the bus lane or the cycling line is tolerated so far. But be aware, just like the bike in a bus lane, each driver of an electric scooter is obliged to respect the traffic regulation: red lights, one-way-streets or the priority on the right. Be aware that dangerous behavior driving an electric scooter can be punishable by one year in prison and a fine of 15,000 €.

Operators are charged if they do not pick up broken scooters and the city services have to do it.

News status and rules in France in September 2019

The Ministries of the Interior and Transport have prepared a draft decree giving a status and rules to the new modes of urban transport, throughout France, which should come into force in September 2019. The draft foresees for these "Motorized Personal Transport Devices"

  • a ban on electric scooters to circulate on sidewalks, unless a mayor authorizes it, under penalty of a fine of 135 euros. This is the same amount as that already fixed by the mayor of Paris
  • a prohibition to drive with a vehicle whose speed is not limited to 25 km/h
  • an obligation to use in urban areas cycling lanes, if available, or roads limited to 50 km/h . Outside built-up areas, electric scooter traffic will be prohibited on the roadway and limited to greenways and cycle lanes.
  • a minimum age of 8 years to drive such a vehicule
  • a prohibition to carry passengers.
  • The use of headphones is prohibited.
  • Users under 12 will have to wear a helmet, as for the bike.
  • Technical specifications will also be given: among the mandatory equipment, front and rear lights, retro-reflective devices, brakes and a bell.

Foreseen sanctions

  • 135 € for circulation on a sidewalk
  • 35 € for non-respect of the traffic rules
  • 1500 € for exceeding of the speed limit of 25 km / h will be punished by a fine of 1,500 euros.

Good to know: Avoid riding with a passenger, even your child, as this is dangerous and the rent of a free-floating scooter doesn't ensure the second rider. Even though wearing protective gear - such as helmets, knee and elbow guards - is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended. User associations also recommend wearing a fluorescent vest - for "high visibility".

In France, scooters are subject to an obligation of civil liability insurance for damage or damage caused. Check with your insurer to be covered! Attention, the private operators in France providing free-floating scooters do not always ensure the users.

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