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1.Air travel 
Cancellation, flight delay, loss of luggage or airline bankruptcy? You have rights! 
2.Court procedures 
Justice in Europe What is mediation across the European Union and how can you start benefitting from it? Lawyer fees, proceeding at the court of appeal, court fees... Everything you have to know… 
3.Calling on a mediator 
Principles of ADR Schemes The right to access to quality out-of-court bodies, called “ADR entities”, is ensured by the new European legislation on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute… 
4.Buying tickets 
Every organiser of a large-scale sporting event (Olympic Games, World Cup, European Championship) designates one or several official ticket vendors. Beware of unauthorised sites that resell tickets,… 
5.Chambres d'hôtes 
Would you like to book a private room for your holidays in France? You have heard of "chambres d'hôtes" (Bed and Breakfast) but are wondering about the rules and legal obligations? 
6.Accommodation in France 
Do you wish to book accommodation? Follow our advice to choose between the different types of accommodation available in France. 
The ECC France is regularly publishing studies on consumer issues, in order to encourage consumer to profit from the European Single Market. 
The brochures published by the European Consumer Centre France inform and advise you on your rights in Europe. 
9.Questions & Complaints 
Please use our form to contact us if you have a question about everyday consumer life in Europe or if you would like to file a complaint against a company from another EU country. 
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