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Living in France

Are you planning to move to France for a longer period of time? Would you like to rent an apartment in this country? In this case, there are certainly many things that are new to you. We will explain important aspects of living in France, e.g. what insurance coveryou need, or what needs to be listed in the rental agreement. The European Council has agreed to suspend mobile roaming charges until 2032.

Moreover, since the end of February 2022, the world's major operators have waived charges from calls to and from Ukraine in order to keep communication lines open during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Coronavirus in France

End of the lockdown and curfew : all the information you need to know if you live in France.

View of a building facade in Spain with windows and balconies.

Moving to France

An overview on everything you need to know when moving to France.

View on the living room of a decorated and bright flat.

Renting in France

All information to know when you move to France for a short or a long-term rental: contracts, charges and deposits...

Close-up of a key in the lock of an entrance door.

Leaving France

You want to leave France, but you do not know yet how to proceed? All you need to consider concerning utilities or other when leaving France.

a man driving a car

Driving in France

We give you information about traffic and safety rules in France, such as speed limits and controls or the rescue lane on French motorways.

Many open umbrellas seen from below.

Insurance in France

When you move to France, you may be legally required to insure your rented or owned home against certain risks. All you need to know about insurance in France.

One person gives their credit card to another to make a payment.

Means of payment in France

While shopping or travelling in France you have fave seen small posters saying "La maison n'accepte pas les chèques" (The house does not accept checks) and you wonder what this is all about? How to pay in France?

Close-up on several credit cards.

The "chargeback" procedure

Have you paid by card for a purchase or a service to a seller in Europe who has not respected his commitments and who does not respond to your reminders? In some cases, you can request a refund of amounts paid via the "chargeback" procedure.

How to pay with your phone

Contactless payment with a smartphone or connected watch is becoming increasingly common. How does contactless mobile payment work? Is there a payment limit? What are the risks?

One person surfs on his tablet, a cup of coffee and chocolate are placed next to it.

Electronic termination of contracts

From public transport to insurance, electricity, internet, telephone, newspapers, cinema or music, it is generally very simple to take out a contract. However, cancelling a contract or unsubscribing is sometimes much more complicated. France has…

A smartphone is placed next to a vintage phone with pink wire.

Communication in France

How to change your French mobile phone provider? Is your home in France eligible for optic fibre? All you need to know about telephone and internet services, and mobile coverage in France.

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