How to file a police complaint in consumer matters?

The French national police and gendarmerie have launched a joint website to facilitate access to procedures. How does it work? How to file a complaint? Main information in this article. 

Which services are accessible?

In the joint website of the French national police and gendarmerie, all existing teleservices are accessible, such as :

Note : you will need to identify via France Connect for some of these services (Pharos, Thésée, Perceval, holiday operation…).

Before launching your complaint, prepare all documents, dates, exact amounts, website addresses, e-mail addresses etc.

An instant messaging system allows you to talk directly with a police officer or a gendarme, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If the site should ensure a response time of 2 minutes, in case of emergencycall the 112 (or the French emergency number 17).

114 is the national emergency number for the deaf and hard of hearing to alert the emergency services (Ambulance, Firemen, Gendarmerie and Police) 24/7.

Finally, a map details the coordinates and hours of police stations and gendarmerie brigades in France. It allows you to find the nearest office by entering your postal code.

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