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61.Virtual money investments 
You have invested money in a crypto-currency, but when you ask to get money back from your investment your financial advisor does not respond to you. You are a victim of an investment fraud!  
62.Business directory 
You have signed up to be included in a professional directory and a company asks you for money – welcome to the trap of business directories!  
63.In search of love on the internet 
Fraudsters create fake profiles on online dating or meet-up websites to extort money from unknowing victims.  
64.Advice for booking your holiday accommodation 
Would you like to book a hotel or holiday rental on the Internet? Here you will find practical advice on how to choose your accommodation, pay for it, cancel it and who to contact in case of… 
65.How to cancel your accommodation booking? 
Although it is always possible to cancel an accommodation reservation, a refund is not automatic. It depends on the conditions of your reservation.  
66.Car rental 
Information about renting a car in Europe: Online reservation, rental contract, handover protocol, accident, fines etc. 
67.Travelling by car in France: beware of road traffic offences 
Speeding in Germany, unpaid tolls in Italy, running a red light in Spain... Can you be prosecuted in France for an offence committed abroad? What do you risk? 
68.Winter tires in Europe 
If you are crossing the border on a daily basis or planning a trip to Europe during the winter, it is not always easy to know whether winter tires are mandatory in the country you are visiting. More… 
69.Car accident in Europe 
Here are some practical tips that will make it easier for you in the event of a car accident in another EU country. 
70.Environmental zones in Europe 
In recent years, local traffic restrictions and environmental zones have been introduced in various European cities. Here's an overview of existing regulations. 
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