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61.Advice for booking your holiday accommodation 
Would you like to book a hotel or holiday rental on the Internet? Here you will find practical advice on how to choose your accommodation, pay for it, cancel it and who to contact in case of… 
This free application informs you about your rights and, thanks to a translation tool, also helps you to express your complaint in the language of the country you are visiting. 
63.Shopping & Internet 
Your rights when buying online Clothing, concert tickets, jewellery, household appliances or electronics ... Buy in a few clicks, 24 hours a day, and be delivered directly to your home: on the… 
64.Rail passenger rights 
If you travel by train in France as in the EU, you have rights in case of train delay or cancellation. 
65.Emergency numbers 
Emergency numbers in the EU and in France. 
66.Medication and pharmacies 
As an avid Internet shopper, you would like to buy your medication online as well. Is this possible? What are your rights? More information in our article 
67.Fake donors 
Just like Santa Claus, generous companies who contact you offering products without you having ever asked for or purchased anything from them don’t exist! 
You’ve received an official-looking email asking for your bank information. Do not fall into the trap ! 
69.False Administrative Websites 
You signed up for a foreign website which will complete administrative procedures for you, but soon after you realise that the French administration offers these services for free. 
You buy a product on a site much cheaper than the official site, the product has rough finishes, and the seller is unreachable. You are then a victim of counterfeiting. 
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