Thomas Cook collapse

The British travel agency Thomas Cook declared bankruptcy on 22 September 2019. On 25 September, the German subsidiaries Thomas Cook GmbH, Thomas Cook Touristik GmbH and Bucher Reisen & Öger Tours GmbH filed for bankruptcy.

Update: October 14, 2019

Your rights depend on the type of reservation (package travel or an individual flight) and the agency you booked it with (Thomas Cook or another agency).

You purchased package travel (flight + lodging) from Thomas Cook

Europe requires all travel agencies to be insured in case of bankruptcy. You should thus be taken care of by the insurer of the agency, which will either reorganize your trip, reimburse you for it, or organize your return if you are currently abroad.

Reservation with a German agency

Whether the trip was sold by a Thomas Cook agency in Germany or by another affected German agency, Thomas Cook’s insurance is responsible for reimbursing cancelled trips and organizing the return of travelers who are still abroad. Neither the insurance nor the agency who sold the trip is required to organize a replacement trip. The service provider Kaera AG ( was named as settlement agent for customers who have booked through Thomas Cook Germany. It has already announced that it will take responsibility for vacationers` return and for the reimbursement of cancelled package travel. But the Insurer also announced that the reimbursement funds are limited to 110 million Euros, which, due to the large number of affected persons, will probably not be sufficient to completely reimburse every traveler. Customers are asked to file their claims via the webform only. If no internet connection is available: +49 (0) 6172 – 99 76 11 23". The webform is only available in German. Here you can find a short summary/description in English.

Consumers from other EU countries, Norway or Iceland, who have booked a package holiday with a German tour operator can get free advice from the European Consumer Center (ECC) Germany.

Reservation on the site

The British travel agency Thomas Cook has declared bankruptcy. More information on the UK ECC’s website.

Reservation with a French travel agency

The APST (l’Association professionnelle solidarité touriste) is the main insurer of travel agencies in France. It has already announced that it will take responsibility for vacationers’ returns and for the reimbursement of cancelled package travel.

Thomas Cook France has declared bankruptcy and set up an emergency number for affected tourists: 01 45 05 40 81 and has posted information for travelers on their website.

Reservation with a Belgian agency

The Belgian Travel Guarantee Fund, GFG, has confirmed the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook/Neckermann. More information on the Belgian ECC’s website.

You reserved a flight with Thomas Cook Airlines

The airline Thomas Cook is no longer operational. Thomas Cook’s insurance does not include protections for individual flights.

You reserved a flight with Condor Airlines

Condor is a subsidiary of Thomas Cook UK based in Germany. It has obtained a loan from the German state and thus continues to operate its flights. For the moment, there is no need to worry if you reserved a flight with this company, but be sure to regularly check the status of your flight on their website.

Advice if you paid for your trip with a credit card directly to Thomas Cook

Credit card issuer and banks offer the “chargeback” procedure, which allows consumers to be directly reimbursed by their bank. Do not hesitate to check with your bank or credit card service.