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While you buy on the Internet, you must be informed of the delivery date of your order. But what to do if your order is not delivered, arrives damges or you do not like it? 
42.Natural disasters, armed conflict and cancelled holidays: what are your rights? 
What rights do you have if natural disasters or armed conflict affect your trip? Can you cancel or postpone your flight or train free of charge? 
43.Travelling & Motor Vehicles 
Travelling & Motor vehicles Holidays can sometimes turn into a nightmare: delayed plane, lost luggage, holiday rentals on the edge of the motorway, hotel swimming pool closed, rented car not… 
44.Package travel to France 
For your stay in France, you want to opt for a package travel. Learn more about the consumer protection rules which apply. 
45.Health care 
If you need to be treated during your stay in France, find in this article all the information on buying and transporting medication, recognition of foreign prescriptions and emergency numbers. 
46.Phone, Internet and TV streaming 
Can I use my cell phone in France? What should you look out for if you buy a French SIM card? Can I use my TV streaming service during my stay?  
47.Delivery ? Make it green ! 
Express delivery, grouped delivery, collection... When buying online, find out which carriers the seller offers to choose an environmentally friendly delivery method.  
48.Electronic termination of contracts 
From public transport to insurance, electricity, internet, telephone, newspapers, cinema or music, it is generally very simple to take out a contract. However, cancelling a contract or unsubscribing… 
49.Renting an Apartment 
An unbelievably-priced apartment in a European capital has popped up in your search for a place to live.  
50.False Administrative Websites 
You signed up for a foreign website which will complete administrative procedures for you, but soon after you realise that the French administration offers these services for free. 
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