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Would you like to book a campsite? There are a number of things you need to pay attention to before, during and after signing the contract. Find our tips. 
You’ve received an official-looking email asking for your bank information. Do not fall into the trap ! 
3.Questions & Complaints 
Please use our form to contact us if you have a question about everyday consumer life in Europe or if you would like to file a complaint against a company from another EU country. 
4.Restaurant and meal delivery 
How to know the origin of the products in the restaurant in France ? Is a tip obligatory in France? Do you have to pay for a glass of water?  
5.Airlines: complaint forms 
In the event of flight cancellation or baggage delay, airlines call upon their customers for contacting them through their online form. Here you will find direct links to most of the airlines' online… 
6.Guarantees and warranties 
For any purchase in store or on the Internet from a professional seller, you benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity of at least two years which allows you to ask the seller to repair or… 
7.Spare parts and repairs 
How to encourage repair rather than exchange of defective products? This article presents the European provisions as well as the measures taken in France and in other EU countries. 
8.Repair, Reuse, Recycle 
Broken appliances, worn-out clothes... What to do with all these products you no longer need? Instead of sorting them out and throwing them away, here are some alternative solutions to give your… 
9.Green Packaging 
Find here all the information on eco-responsible packaging and the best practices of our European neighbours to reuse your cartons.  
10.Think before you click ! 
Do you really need this product? Are you familiar with the product's characteristics and size? To avoid over-consumption, ask yourself the right questions before clicking.  
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