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71.Sales periods 
Would you like to take advantage of the sales in the neighbouring country? Consult our map of Europe. Each EU country has its own regulations and sales period. 
72.How to check the trustworthiness of a website? 
You should always know from whom you are buying online. Follow our tips to verify the trustworthiness of your online seller and to avoid falling for traps on the internet. 
73.End of geoblocking 
You wanted to make a purchase on a Danish website but it is “reserved for Scandinavians”? The European Union showed its intent on putting a stop to all unjustified geo-blocking, which entered into… 
74.Subscription and "premium" option 
Registration, cancellation, automatic renewal... The terms and conditions of subscriptions vary greatly from one site to another. Everything you need to know before committing yourself. 
While you buy on the Internet, you must be informed of the delivery date of your order. But what to do if your order is not delivered, arrives damges or you do not like it? 
76.Spare parts and repairs 
How to encourage repair rather than exchange of defective products? This article presents the European provisions as well as the measures taken in France and in other EU countries. 
77.Protection of your personal data 
Online purchases, subscriptions to loyalty cards, responding to a sales offer or a survey… Are you sure that your data is always protected? All the information on the GDPR and the protection of your… 
78.How some websites deceive or manipulate you 
Many websites, applications, social networks or search engines use graphic elements or technical processes to influence your behavior and encourage you to click, buy, subscribe or provide personal… 
79.Buying from an Online Marketplace 
More and more e-commerce businesses are hosting independent sellers from different countries on their sites, earning a commission with each sale. They thus become “Marketplaces”. What are the… 
80.Purchases and VAT 
When you buy a product in Europe, you pay value added tax (VAT). But at what rate? Are the rules the same for purchases outside the EU?  
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