Chauffeur-driven car : private hire

This private pick-up service (called « VTC » in France) are personal chauffeur-driven cars. These cars don’t have a distinguishing sign like taxis. Indeed they can pick-up passengers only if a booking is made.

Update: Jan 2020

How to find a private hire in France ?

On private hire company’s websites or via their phone applications, which have a geolocation system. But these apps are only available in bigger cities.

How to book a private hire in France ?

When you book on a company’s website or on your app, you will receive a confirmation of your booking with usually the following information :

  • a photo of the driver ;
  • the car’s brand and model ;
  • the registration number of the vehicle;
  • the place and the time of the pick-up.

Private hire cars don’t have a taximeter : the price is indicated during booking. Price modification can only be made in extraordinary circumstances such as bad weather or strike.  Private hire services are often more expensive than taxis.

You should know that if the booking price is more than 25 euros an electronic or paper invoice is mandatory.

VTC’s can’t drive on taxi lines. They also are not allowed to park waiting for customers. So you have to anticipate your travel and book it in advance. They can wait for you during one hour in a specific place. 

Since January 2018, a new law has been adopted in France : all drivers must have a professional card/licence to pick-up passengers. Until that day drivers were allowed to exercise their profession with the so called « Loti licence » (for collective transport of 7 passengers and more).

Any problems during your trip? 

If you encounter a problem during your travel, you can try to contact first the customer service of the private hire company to find an amical solution.

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact the European Consumer Centre of your residence country so that they can inform you of possible out-of-court solutions.

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