Chauffeur-driven car : private hire

This private pick-up service (called « VTC » in France) are personal chauffeur-driven cars. These cars don’t have a distinguishing sign like taxis. Indeed they can pick-up passengers only if a booking is made.

Update: Feb 2018

How to find a private hire in France ?

On private hire companies’ websites or via their phone applications, which have a geolocation system. But these apps are only available in bigger cities.

Private hire cars don’t have a taximeter : the price is indicated during booking. No price modification can be made if there is a traffic jam or a car accident. They also can’t drive on taxi lines. Private hire service are often more expensive as taxis.

Since January 2018, a new law has been adopted in France : all drivers must have a professional card/licence to pick-up passengers. Until that day drivers were allowed to exercise their profession with the so called « Loti licence » (for collective transport of 7 passengers and more).


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