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81.Insurance in France 
When you move to France, you may be legally required to insure your rented or owned home against certain risks. All you need to know about insurance in France. 
82.Leaving France 
You want to leave France, but you do not know yet how to proceed? All you need to consider concerning utilities or other when leaving France. 
83.Renting in France 
All information to know when you move to France for a short or a long-term stay: contracts, charges and deposits... 
84.Moving to France 
An overview on everything you need to know when moving to France. 
85.Gastronomy in France 
All you need to know about the gastronomy in France: the categorizations of restaurants, legal obligations and regulations of restaurants, the famous Michelin Guide... 
86.Living in France 
Living in France Are you planning to move to France for a longer period of time? Would you like to rent an apartment in this country? In this case, there are certainly many things that are new to… 
87.Travelling by bus or coach 
If you travel by bus more than 250 km from or to the EU, Europe protects you in case of a delay of more than 2 hours. 
88.Flight calculator 
A question? A complaint? Contact us via our online form  
89.Advice for booking a flight 
Hidden charges, taxes, unwanted insurance: several fare supplements can increase the ticket price purchased with an airline, an agency, or a reservation platform. Follow our advice to avoid… 
90.Air passenger rights 
Flight delay or cancellation, overbooking, strike or bad weather conditions: you are entitled to reimbursement of your tickets or even compensation. 
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