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11.Traffic violations and fines in France 
We describe in which cases traffic fines committed in France can also be prosecuted abroad. This includes driving too fast or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
12.Car purchase abroad 
We explain how to avoid problems when buying a car in another EU country and what you need to know about vehicle registration and transfer. 
13.Car rental 
Information about renting a car in Europe: Online reservation, rental contract, handover protocol, accident, fines etc. 
14.Motor vehicles 
Are you renting, buying or driving a car in Europe? Follow our tips for safe driving and shopping in the EU. 
15.Travelling by ship or ferry 
If you take a ship or if you come back by ship to a country of the EU with a European carrier, you have rights in case of cancellation or delay. 
16.Paid subscriptions film, music 
Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you wish to view a video on the Internet, but were denied because it’s not available in your country? 
17.End of geoblocking 
You wanted to make a purchase on a Danish website but it is “reserved for Scandinavians”? The European Union showed its intent on putting a stop to all unjustified geo-blocking, which entered into… 
18.Sales periods 
Would you like to take advantage of the sales in the neighbouring country? Consult our map of Europe. Each EU country has its own regulations and sales period. 
19.Covid-19 Testing: Where to be tested in Europe? 
Are you traveling, working, or residing in another European country? Do you know where to be tested for Covid-19? PCR, serologic/antibody, antigen, or self-tests: Which tests are practiced in Europe? 
Brexit is now effective since January 1, 2021. What are the consequences of Brexit for British consumers shopping or traveling to the EU and especially France?  
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