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You receive a sudden email that says you are the inheritor of a wealthy foreign individual, or that you have somehow won a Spanish lottery, etc. 
12.Investment offers 
You come across an offer for credit or a bank investment, but it was fraudulent. 
13.Renting an Apartment 
An unbelievably-priced apartment in a European capital has popped up in your search for a place to live.  
14.Purchasing a car 
You’re looking for a car to buy on a classified advertisements website, and you stumble upon a great offer. 
15.Car purchase abroad 
We explain how to avoid problems when buying a car in another EU country and what you need to know about vehicle registration and transfer. 
The ECC France is regularly publishing studies on consumer issues, in order to encourage consumer to profit from the European Single Market. 
17.Information request confirmation 
We've received your question! We received your message! Thank you for your trust in the European Consumer Centre (ECC) France. It is our pleasure to help you! You will receive a confirmation by… 
In order to ensure that consumers in Europe are not left alone and that their confidence in the internal market is strengthened, the European Commission launched a network in 2005 to provide… 
19.Calling on a mediator 
Principles of ADR Schemes The right to access to quality out-of-court bodies, called “ADR entities”, is ensured by the new European legislation on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute… 
20.Court procedures 
Justice in Europe What is mediation across the European Union and how can you start benefitting from it? Lawyer fees, proceeding at the court of appeal, court fees... Everything you have to know… 
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