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101.Travelling by ship or ferry 
If you take a ship or if you come back by ship to a country of the EU with a European carrier, you have rights in case of cancellation or delay. 
102.Motor vehicles 
Are you renting, buying or driving a car in Europe? Follow our tips for safe driving and shopping in the EU. 
103.Accommodation in France 
Do you wish to book accommodation? Follow our advice to choose between the different types of accommodation available in France. 
Brexit is now effective since January 1, 2021. What are the consequences of Brexit for British consumers shopping or traveling to the EU and especially France?  
105.Covid-19 Testing: Where to be tested in Europe? 
Are you traveling, working, or residing in another European country? Do you know where to be tested for Covid-19? PCR, serologic/antibody, antigen, or self-tests: Which tests are practiced in Europe? 
106.Health pass and vaccines 
The European health pass called " EU Digital COVID Certificate" applies from July 1, 2021 and allows you to prove your immunity to COVID-19 and facilitates your travel within the EU. But how do you… 
107.Shopping & Internet 
Buying on the Internet: what to do if you have a problem with a European seller? What are your rights? 
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110.Shopping in France 
While assisting the Olympics and Paralympics in France, you wish to benefit from the offers of the French market? Basic rules about shopping in France in this article. 
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