How to report spam

Find out how to report spam by email, SMS, and MMS.

Update : Dec 2015

Denouncing a spam by email

To denounce a spam by email, the association “Signal-spam” makes a form available. The association analyses these data and makes the alert to the authorities empowered to put an end to these commercial practices.

Reporting a spam by SMS and/or MMS or a vocal spam

Do not respond to SMS, do not follow the link mentioned and do not call the number indicated in the SMS if you are not sure of the sender's identity. Be careful! This type of SMS tries to reassure you with the using of common names which can let you think that it is one of your friends. Be very vigilant!

The operators of the French Federation of Telecoms (Bouygues Telecom, Orange France and SFR) put in place a platform for signalling a surcharge fraud in collaboration with public authorities. Consumers can report improper SMS by transferring them to this number: 33700.

“The sending of SMS at 33700 is free for Bouygues Telecoms’, Oranges’ and SFRs’ clients. For the other operators proposing this service, the sending of an SMS at 33700 can be done at the price of a normal SMS… If you are not a client of Bouygues Telecom, Orange France or SFR, it is possible that this service does not work. Contact your operator to know if this service is available. If the service is offered, it might work differently and with other costs than these of the service described above”. Click here for more information.

On 30 November 2013, the 33700 platforms received close to 7 million reports of spams by SMS and 1.2 million reports of vocal spams. After this reports, more than 1800 lines have been cut and numbers deleted by telephone operators. 



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