Traffic violations and fines in France

Each EU country has its own traffic regulations. You must therefore follow the rules of the country in which you are driving. When you commit an offence, you are subject to the traffic rules of the country where you commit the offence and therefore to the same penalties.

You can be prosecuted in France

France practices cross-border information exchange with 19 EU countries, which allows you to be identified and to receive the ticket directly. Here is the list of offences for which you can be prosecuted in France :

  1. speeding
  2. failure to wear a seat belt
  3. crossing a red light
  4. drunk driving
  5. driving under the influence of drugs
  6. not wearing a helmet
  7. driving on a prohibited lane
  8. the driving telephone or any other unauthorized communication equipment while driving

If you have not been arrested on the spot, the offence will be notified to you at your home, informing you of the offence and the penalties.

Offences in France with a foreign permit

You live in France

If you have committed an offence in France with a foreign licence, you must exchange your driving licence for a French licence (FR). Otherwise, you risk a 4th class ticket (FR). More information in our article on driving in France.

You do not live in France

You will have to contest or pay the fine (via the French government site if a telepayment number appears in the fine received). If the licence is suspended, it will be returned to your home. Make sure that the address on your licence matches your current address.

Fine for wrongful parking.