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Have you just seen your favorite clothing brand being sold online at an unbelievable price? Beware of this bargain!  
Video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, flat screen TVs, digital photo displays… at cheap prices? Beware of this so-called bargain! 
53.Subscription traps 
You happen to come across an advertisement praising the effects of a beauty product, or offering you a free sample of a weight-loss pill, or offering a smartphone for only €1. Be careful! 
54.Fake donors 
Just like Santa Claus, generous companies who contact you offering products without you having ever asked for or purchased anything from them don’t exist! 
55.PC virus 
Ransomware, USB key found, WiFi network trapped, clickable link, infected attachments... Cyber crooks have no shortage of imagination when it comes to infecting your devices and stealing your… 
56.Internet hacking 
Advertising messages asking for financial aid are sent from your email address or posted on a social network via your profile. You are a victim of hacking! 
57.Credit/debit card fraud 
You notice on your bank account that there are several payments to a foreign business that you did not make. Your credit/debit card information has been stolen.  
58.Missed calls 
You missed a call or an SMS from an unknown number, and so you decide to contact it back.  
59.Investment offers 
You come across an offer for credit or a bank investment, but it was fraudulent. 
You receive a sudden email that says you are the inheritor of a wealthy foreign individual, or that you have somehow won a Spanish lottery, etc. 
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