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51.Legal Notice 
Legal notice Zentrum für Europäischen Verbraucherschutz e. V. Bahnhofsplatz 3 77694 Kehl Fax: +49 (0) 7851 / 991 48 11 E-Mail: Website: Executive… 
Have you just seen your favorite clothing brand being sold online at an unbelievable price? Beware of this bargain!  
Find here our latest videos full of advice and information on your rights, and join us on our Youtube channel to access all our content! 
The brochures published by the European Consumer Centre France inform and advise you on your rights in Europe. 
55.Virtual money investments 
You have invested money in a crypto-currency, but when you ask to get money back from your investment your financial advisor does not respond to you. You are a victim of an investment fraud!  
56.Credit/debit card fraud 
You notice on your bank account that there are several payments to a foreign business that you did not make. Your credit/debit card information has been stolen.  
57.PC virus 
Ransomware, USB key found, WiFi network trapped, clickable link, infected attachments... Cyber crooks have no shortage of imagination when it comes to infecting your devices and stealing your… 
58.In search of love on the internet 
Fraudsters create fake profiles on online dating or meet-up websites to extort money from unknowing victims.  
59.Internet hacking 
Advertising messages asking for financial aid are sent from your email address or posted on a social network via your profile. You are a victim of hacking! 
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