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31.Think before you click ! 
Do you really need this product? Are you familiar with the product's characteristics and size? To avoid over-consumption, ask yourself the right questions before clicking.  
32.Delivery ? Make it green ! 
Express delivery, grouped delivery, collection... When buying online, find out which carriers the seller offers to choose an environmentally friendly delivery method.  
33.Green Packaging 
Find here all the information on eco-responsible packaging and the best practices of our European neighbours to reuse your cartons.  
34.Repair, Reuse, Recycle 
Broken appliances, worn-out clothes... What to do with all these products you no longer need? Instead of sorting them out and throwing them away, here are some alternative solutions to give your… 
35.Electronic termination of contracts 
From public transport to insurance, electricity, internet, telephone, newspapers, cinema or music, it is generally very simple to take out a contract. However, cancelling a contract or unsubscribing… 
You buy a product on a site much cheaper than the official site, the product has rough finishes, and the seller is unreachable. You are then a victim of counterfeiting. 
37.Renting an Apartment 
An unbelievably-priced apartment in a European capital has popped up in your search for a place to live.  
38.False Administrative Websites 
You signed up for a foreign website which will complete administrative procedures for you, but soon after you realise that the French administration offers these services for free. 
Have you just seen your favorite clothing brand being sold online at an unbelievable price? Beware of this bargain!  
Video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, flat screen TVs, digital photo displays… at cheap prices? Beware of this so-called bargain! 
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