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31.Sales periods 
Would you like to take advantage of the sales in the neighbouring country? Consult our map of Europe. Each EU country has its own regulations and sales period. 
Brexit is now effective since January 1, 2021. What are the consequences of Brexit for British consumers shopping or traveling to the EU and especially France?  
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Our videos End of extra costs on communications, 14 days to change your mind following an online purchase, protection of personal data, rights whatever the mode of transport... Watch our video which… 
35.Questions & Complaints 
Please use our form to contact us if you have a question about everyday consumer life in Europe or if you would like to file a complaint against a company from another EU country. 
36.Coronavirus in France 
End of the lockdown and curfew : all the information you need to know if you live in France.  
37.Missed calls 
You missed a call or an SMS from an unknown number, and so you decide to contact it back.  
Video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, flat screen TVs, digital photo displays… at cheap prices? Beware of this so-called bargain! 
39.Business directory 
You have signed up to be included in a professional directory and a company asks you for money – welcome to the trap of business directories!  
You receive a sudden email that says you are the inheritor of a wealthy foreign individual, or that you have somehow won a Spanish lottery, etc. 
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