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91.Online Reviews 
If more and more people consult online reviews before ordering or booking, how can they be trusted? 
92.E-commerce and Dropshipping 
"Dropshipping" is the online sale of products of which they have no stock, which will be sent directly by the manufacturer to the consumer. Although this practice is legal in France, it often holds… 
93.Responsible online shopping 
Our advice on how to spot eco-responsible products on the Internet, limit the impact of their delivery, avoid order returns, repair and recycle your products and thus become eco-responsible… 
94.Buying second-hand on the Internet 
Whether for economic or ecological reasons, more and more consumers are turning to second-hand products. Be careful ! You do not have the same rights when buying from a private seller. 
Dogs, cats... If you are thinking of buying a pet online, be careful! France regulates this practice and you will not necessarily be protected if the animal gets sick. 
96.DNA Testing on the Internet 
Have you ordered an online DNA test for a relative to find out about his genetic heritage? Such tests are not legal in France. Beware of the risks if you buy them. 
97.Package holiday 
A package holiday/package travel deal is the classic “flight and hotel” purchased through a travel agency, but not individually! Europe has taken into account the current modes of reservation of… 
98.Air travel 
Cancellation, flight delay, loss of luggage or airline bankruptcy? You have rights! 
99.Rail passenger rights 
If you travel by train in France as in the EU, you have rights in case of train delay or cancellation. 
100.Travelling by bus or coach 
If you travel by bus more than 250 km from or to the EU, Europe protects you in case of a delay of more than 2 hours. 
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