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1.The "chargeback" procedure 
Have you paid by card for a purchase or a service to a seller in Europe who has not respected his commitments and who does not respond to your reminders? In some cases, you can request a refund of 
2.Credit/debit card fraud 
You notice on your bank account that there are several payments to a foreign business that you did not make. Your credit/debit card information has been stolen.  
3.Purchase of tobacco and alcohol 
If you wish to purchase and transport products from one country of the European Union to another, you are not limited in quantity if these products are for your personal use. However, there are 
4.Emergency numbers 
Emergency numbers in the EU and in France. 
5.Communication in France 
How to change your French mobile phone provider? Is your home in France eligible for optic fibre? All you need to know about telephone and internet services, and mobile coverage in France. 
6.Airline bankruptcy 
Many airlines have gone bankrupt in recent years. How to react? How can air passengers get a refund of their tickets? 
7.Buying tickets 
Every organiser of a large-scale sporting event (Olympic Games, World Cup, European Championship) designates one or several official ticket vendors. Beware of unauthorised sites that resell tickets, 
8.Legal Notice 
… purposes within the meaning of the Fiscal Code of Germany. Disclaimer Please note that despite our… 
9.Gastronomy in France 
All you need to know about the gastronomy in France: the categorizations of restaurants, legal obligations and regulations of restaurants, the famous Michelin Guide... 
10.Medication and pharmacies 
As an avid Internet shopper, you would like to buy your medication online as well. Is this possible? What are your rights? More information in our article 
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