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1.Credit/debit card fraud 
You notice on your bank account that there are several payments to a foreign business that you did not make. Your credit/debit card information has been stolen.  
2.Traffic fines in restricted areas in Italy 
If you're visiting an Italian city by car, beware of the "Zona a traffico limitato" or limited traffic zones (ZTL)! You could be fined. 
Video game consoles, tablets, smartphones, flat screen TVs, digital photo displays… at cheap prices? Beware of this so-called bargain! 
4.Travelling by car in France: beware of road traffic offences 
Speeding in Germany, unpaid tolls in Italy, running a red light in Spain... Can you be prosecuted in France for an offence committed abroad? What do you risk? 
Have you just seen your favorite clothing brand being sold online at an unbelievable price? Beware of this bargain!  
6.Advice for booking your holiday accommodation 
Would you like to book a hotel or holiday rental on the Internet? Here you will find practical advice on how to choose your accommodation, pay for it, cancel it and who to contact in case of 
7.Subscription and "premium" option 
Registration, cancellation, automatic renewal... The terms and conditions of subscriptions vary greatly from one site to another. Everything you need to know before committing yourself. 

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