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1.Renting in France 
All information to know when you move to France for a short or a long-term rental: contracts, charges and deposits... 
2.Airplane luggage 
The transport of your luggage by plane is subject to restrictions. What to put in your check-in luggage? What to keep on board? What are the air passengers’ rights in case of loss, delay or damage to 
You’ve received an official-looking email asking for your bank information. Do not fall into the trap ! 
4.How some websites deceive or manipulate you 
Many websites, applications, social networks or search engines use graphic elements or technical processes to influence your behavior and encourage you to click, buy, subscribe or provide personal 
5.Moving to France 
An overview on everything you need to know when moving to France. 
If influencers promote products on social networks, they do not always inform consumers. Is this legal? What are their obligations and responsibilities in France and in other European countries?  
7.How to find eco-friendly products online ? 
From solidarity search engines to ecolabels without falling into the trap of greenwashing, here are our tips for finding an eco-responsible product on the Internet.  
8.Legal Notice 
… injunctions, claims for compensation and other legal actions. Copyright notice: © Zentrum für Europäischen… 
9.Information request confirmation 
… can’t wait that long? Then you can initiate legal actions yourself. Note that there are always cost… 
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