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1.Spare parts and repairs 
How to encourage repair rather than exchange of defective products? This article presents the European provisions as well as the measures taken in France and in other EU countries. 
2.Guarantees and warranties 
For any purchase in store or on the Internet from a professional seller, you benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity of at least two years which allows you to ask the seller to repair or… 
3.Advice for booking a flight 
Hidden charges, taxes, unwanted insurance: several fare supplements can increase the ticket price purchased with an airline, an agency, or a reservation platform. Follow our advice to avoid… 
4.Traffic violations and fines in France 
We describe in which cases traffic fines committed in France can also be prosecuted abroad. This includes driving too fast or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
5.Airplane luggage 
The transport of your luggage by plane is subject to restrictions. What to put in your check-in luggage? What to keep on board? What are the air passengers’ rights in case of loss, delay or damage to… 
6.Shopping & Internet 
Buying on the Internet: what to do if you have a problem with a European seller? What are your rights? 
7.Air passenger rights 
Flight delay or cancellation, overbooking, strike or bad weather conditions: you are entitled to reimbursement of your tickets or even compensation. 
8.Health pass and vaccines 
The European health pass called " EU Digital COVID Certificate" will apply from July 1, 2021 and will allow you to prove your immunity to COVID-19 and will facilitate your travel within the EU. But… 
9.Protection of your personal data 
Online purchases, subscriptions to loyalty cards, responding to a sales offer or a survey… Are you sure that your data is always protected? All the information on the GDPR and the protection of your… 
10.Covid-19 Testing: Where to be tested in Europe? 
Are you traveling, working, or residing in another European country? Do you know where to be tested for Covid-19? PCR, serologic/antibody, antigen, or self-tests: Which tests are practiced in Europe? 
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