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1.Purchase of tobacco and alcohol 
If you wish to purchase and transport products from one country of the European Union to another, you are not limited in quantity if these products are for your personal use. However, there are… 
2.Internet fraud and scams 
Online fraud: beware of cheap ads, missed calls, and emails asking for your bank details! 
3.Spare parts and repairs 
Availability of spare parts in Europe and reparability index in France, more information on new rules on manufacturers since 2021. 
4.Guarantees and warranties 
For any purchase in store or on the Internet from a professional seller, you benefit from a legal guarantee of conformity of at least two years which allows you to ask the seller to repair or… 
5.14 days to withdraw 
You have purchased goods and services on the website of a seller based in a European country? If you are not happy with your order, you can change it within 14 days: what is called the right of… 
While you buy on the Internet, you must be informed of the delivery date of your order. But what to do if your order is not delivered, arrives damges or you do not like it? 
7.The "chargeback" procedure 
Have you paid by card for a purchase or a service to a seller in Europe who has not respected his commitments and who does not respond to your reminders? In some cases, you can request a refund of… 
8.Accommodation in France 
Do you wish to book accommodation? Follow our advice to choose between the different types of accommodation available in France. 
9.Car accident in Europe 
Here are some practical tips that will make it easier for you in the event of a car accident in another EU country. 
10.Winter tires in Europe 
If you are crossing the border on a daily basis or planning a trip to Europe during the winter, it is not always easy to know whether winter tires are mandatory in the country you are visiting. More… 
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