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We received your message! Thank you for your trust in the European Consumer Centre (ECC) France. It is our pleasure to help you! You will receive a confirmation by email within a few minutes.


What can you expect from us

You have submitted a request concerning your consumer rights in another EU Member State, Iceland, Norway or the UK. This is what you can expect from us:

  • Assessment of your request

One of our specialized advisors will first assess your request. We do our best to contact you within 20 working days after receiving this e-mail. Please do not contact us again until this period has expired.

The three possible options are:

  1. ECC France will answer your request. In some cases we might need the help of the ECC of the trader’s country.
  2. ECC France will request additional information to assess your request.
  3. ECC France cannot handle your request. In this case we will inform you about alternative options.
  • ECC-Net procedure

If we need the help of the ECC based in the trader's country, we will forward your request. A colleague from that ECC will assess your request again and provide us with the information needed.

  • Duration of procedure

We do our best to answer as quickly as possible. To succeed we depend on a number of factors including, where applicable, the manpower of the ECC in the trader’s country.

Once we have all elements, you will hear back from the advisor handling your request. Bear in mind that such procedure may take a few days, so not contact us again for the same request within the 20 days. You can’t wait that long? Then you can initiate legal actions yourself. Note that there are always cost involved. 

Read more about our working method on our website. Our quality charter describes which services and service standards you can count on when contacting the ECC-Net.

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