What to do in case of counterfeit

You’ve purchased a counterfeit product, but you realised it too late. What to do? Do you wish to file a complaint?

Last update : May 2019

Turning against the vender

  • Ask for reimbursement from the vender for fraud.
  • Exercise your right to withdrawal.

Note : If the vender is deliberately selling counterfeit products, it’s unlikely that he will cooperate and answer to your demands.

Recourse against market places, bidding or classified advertisements websites

             These websites are third parties which link you with your seller. You can only hold them liable if you are able to prove their knowledge of the products as counterfeit and that they continued to feature them on their website. Consequently, you should be extremely vigilant when purchasing products on individual websites and on classified ads websites.  

Filing a complaint

  • file a complaint with the police or the gendarmerie
  • refer the complaint to the Customs office or the anti-fraud services of your region

Bring attention to the counterfeiting

  •  indicate the incident to the brand: as a rights holder and a brevet holder, the brand could itself bring up legal proceedings against the fraudulent websites
  • indicate the facts of the counterfeit to  the « Office Central de Lutte contre la Criminalité liée aux Technologies de l'information et de la Communication »
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