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User information in case of disturbances on public transportation.

Update : Apr 2018

France can encounter important strikes or episodes of heavy snow and low temperatures, leading to cancellation of flights, train delays and traffic jams on French motorways.

Buses, metros, regional trains, national the case of strike or maintenance, the carrier must put a plan of modified transport into place. In other words, users need to receive information and a minimum guaranteed service to important destination points must be offered, with varying levels of service according to the severity of the disturbance.

For example, “minimal service” corresponds to the strongest disturbance. In this case, the priority service points are schools, hospitals, service administrations and train stations.

However, no matter the degree of disturbance, the transporter is required to notify all riders at least 24 hours before the interruption.

  • This may be done by a poster in the train station, by mail, alert by media or even by SMS message…regardless of the method, it is of the utmost importance that each passenger has access to free, accurate and reliable information in order to anticipate and make arrangements.
  • Alert by media as soon as possible if an important disturbance is foreseen;
  • 48 hours before a foreseen disturbance: broadcasting about the services which should work (routes, schedules …) in stations, ticket offices, by panels and public address system;
  • Reports on the Website, via SMS and E-mail for the subscribers;
  • A vocal server updating the information.

Passengers need to be attentive to sign postings and must not hesitate to consult the website of the carrier affected by the disturbance. Be aware that in the case of a strike, any exchange or cancellation of your tickets is done without cost to you, and reimbursement is obligatory.
On the contrary, if for example you wish to reach your destination the day of the disruption by using another train other than the one initially planned, you cannot rely on the carrier and have no certainty as to their flexibility. In concrete terms, this means that if the replacement train you would like to take is more expensive, it may ask you to pay the price difference. In the case of litigation, always remember to keep your proof of purchases and receipts.

Before departure, make sure to check the traffic conditions and ask your carrier for the latest travel conditions.

If you are travelling by train:

  • French railway SNCF (enter your booking reference and your name, SNCF will inform you if you train is concerned by the disturbances). 
  • Eurostar

If you are travelling by plane:

If you are travelling by car:

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