The bonus-malus system

Information on transit plates: how to get them and register them

Update : Oct 2014

Where can you obtain transit plates?

Transit plates are temporary number plates that will enable you to drive the car to your home country. You have to obtain transit plates in the country where you bought the vehicle. But where can you obtain transit plates? How much do they cost? How long does the application procedure take? The ECC-Net has gathered this information for you.



The bonus-malus system

Since 1 January 2008, the “ecopastille” is talked about everywhere.

This first effective measure of “Grenelle de l’environnement” aims at encouraging consumers to buy new, more ecofriendly cars by giving a monetary advantage to the “clean/green” cars and taxing the vehicles that release more CO2 per kilometre.


What happens if one buys a vehicle in another EU-country?

The new vehicle bought directly in another EU Member state can benefit from the French bonus system and may be equally subject to the ecologic malus.

To benefit from the bonus, keep the car purchase invoice as well as the EU certificate of conformity.


Which vehicles are concerned by this new legislation

The bonus concerns the vehicles that emit maximum 110g CO2/km. The malus applies to the vehicles that emit more than 130g CO2/km.


Some used vehicles coming from another Member state can be taxed!

Used vehicles are not in theory concerned by the bonus-malus system. But there exists an exception for used vehicles bought directly in another EU Member state if they are acquired and after and registered for the first time after January 1, 2008. In this case, the imported vehicle is subject to the malus. The amount of the applied malus will be reduced by 10% for every year after the first time the vehicle was put in circulation.


What has changed since 1 April 2015?

Since 1 April 2015, a conversion premium is granted, if you buy an environmentally friendly vehicle and scrap your 13-year-old diesel car. This bonus replaces the 200 € scrapping premium.

The amount of the premium varies according the emission of CO2/km of the new vehicle:

  • under 20g CO2/km = 3 700 €
  • between 21 and 60g CO2/km = 2 500 €
  • under 110g CO2/km if it respects the Euro 6 norm, and only for the non-taxable households = 500 € (can also apply to second-hand vehicles under certain conditions)*

The reconversion premium can be combined with the environmental bonus for the green vehicles. The total amount of the two can reach 10 000 €.


*Electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle that emits under 60 grams of CO2/km or between 61 and 110 grams of CO2/km, if the vehicle respects the Euro 6 standard.

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