Coronavirus in France

France is severly touched by the coronavirus epidemic. The French government took strict measures in order to limit the spread of the virus in the population and has announced on 16.03.2020 a two-weeks lock-down which might be prolonged.

Update: March 2020

Limitation of the circulation within the French territory

The main order is "Stay home" for the next weeks with only some exceptions. You should be able to justify your movements. The fine currently of 38 € will be passed to 135 €.

  • Public transportation is already restricted in some cities as schools are closed and teleworking is to be put in place. So you should not commute to work unless your employer can justify that you are an essential employee that needs to be on site (an official form is available for this, check with your employer) ;
  • Supermarkets remain open as well as pharmacies but you may encounter waiting lines and restrictions in some shops ;
  • Restaurants and bars are closed, ski resorts are off-limits ;
  • Gatherings in parks and public areas are forbidden. You may go out for physical exercise but close to home and not in groups or gatherings ;
  • Going to see a doctor needs to be limited to the strict necessary, specific rules apply if you have COVID19 symptoms ;
  • You may take care of relatives or children or for compelling family reasons ;
  • Travels are suspended but French residents abroad are allowed to come back to France and must get in touch with the French consulate or embassy in the country were they are currently staying ;
  • The upcoming second turn of the municipal elections have been postponed.

Limitation of the circulation with the border countries and other countries

As regards the external borders of the European Union, nationals of a country of the European Union or of the Schengen area, as well as British nationals, will be admitted. People from third countries with a European residence permit will also be accepted, and exceptions are made for other categories, such as healthcare workers from a non-European country.

With regard to the internal borders of the EU, controls have already been put in place, with Germany for example. Cross-border workers can circulate, if they have proof of address and employment.

The transport of goods and merchandises are to be continued.


Practical Advices

  • If you're currently in France and want to leave, please contact your consulate or embassy as well as your travel agency if you are on a package travel in France
  • If you have question about cross border workers, please contact your employer and your consulate or embassy in France as well.
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